My kid is going to be a drunk genius

Science has always assumed it's the stupid kids that end up pickling their livers with booze. But what if that was completely wrong? New research seems to suggest that the earlier children pick up language and reach other developmental milestones, the more likely they are to get all hopped up on hooch — and even smack and blow and stuff.   

Intelligence can also spur more curiosity and openness to new experiences. And that includes experimenting with alcohol and drugs. “People have this impression that intelligence is somehow related to being introverted and bookwormish,” says Latvala. “But if you look at these large studies, they definitely find this association with sensation-seeking and seeking different kinds of experiences. [They’re] trying to learn new things. It could be related to the nature of intelligence.” Such experimentation doesn’t always lead to addiction or problematic behavior because this type of exposure often involves a few experiences before the person moves on to the next novelty.

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